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Sunrise Buildings #1
11 July 2007

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1 June 2007

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Monica on Sunset at the Chicken Farm
Hey, I like it, nicely done V'ron.

Dimitrios on Grabbing a copy at midnight
I shall wait for the rush to pass and then I shall buy it, OK Hurry?

Viewfinder on Simply your look...
Wow, this one is a surprise. I didn't expect to find the message on the pipe as I first looked at the top of the ...

Ralf on Simply your look...
very nice. A good play with the sharpness.

Aaron Schmidt on Simply your look...
I like this shot. This kind of vertical scrolling image with a reward at the end is something I would do.

Viewfinder on News - No Dump Police Order
Kind of an ironic image; I like it a lot.

aggie on Candy from Japan
It's an acquired taste but they always look pretty.

Scott on an old house in France
Lots to like about this shot. The composition, the brickwork, the beautiful colors... Really nice Monica.

Bhavin on an old house in France
This is an excellent photo! Well Done!!!

Scott on Hoan symmetry
Thanks Jake. I figured this was your kind of shot. :)

Jake (the rocket kid) Rohde on Hoan symmetry
Very nice. Fantabulous View. LOVE the symmetry...

vron. on Mud Wallow
uh, that was v'ron with the above comment. still beautiful. great contrast, a very perfect touch. Not too heavy, ...

Cream City Photogs on Mud Wallow
beautiful monochrome!

Monica on three flags
Hey, nice one for the holiday!

Paul Sparks on a chair a pipe and some brick
Love the warm yellow as well and the reflection of the chair.

Pedro Lírio on a chair a pipe and some brick
Well composed, great warm colors!

Pedro Lírio on ghost in the meadow
Great shot!

Scott on a chair a pipe and some brick
Beautiful yellow tones Jake.

Monica on ghost in the meadow
Thanks all! Paul - I thought you would like this one. :-)

Paul Sparks on ghost in the meadow
Fantastic image Monica. I can't tell you how jealous I am. :)

filipe franco on ghost in the meadow
beautiful capture!

MaryB on ghost in the meadow
Wow! nice one! :)

Scott on ghost in the meadow
Wonderful shot!

Scott on Barn
Huh, I've never been to the zoo so I had no idea.

Monica on listen
Thanks V'ron and Paul....V'ron - the trail is pretty long for biking - maybe they extended it. It is at ...

Paul Sparks on Barn
Scott, it's at the Milwaukee County Zoo in the family fun area.

Scott on Barn
Where did you take this Paul? There is a barn like this up near me.

Scott on the edge of your seat
Thank you everyone for the kind comments. :)

Paul Sparks on the edge of your seat
Wonderful Scott. I agree with Jake. The chairs are waiting....

Viewfinder on the edge of your seat
Simple and creative visually.

Jake ROHDE on the edge of your seat
There is a great sense or anticipation in this photo... The chairs are just waiting for something... I like it...

Bob Israel on the edge of your seat
I really like this photo. Well done.

Alfredo J. Martiz J. on the edge of your seat
Great DOF and composition!

ColNed Pictures on Stephens House
Very threatening sky, great capture as the building is very colorful.

Paul Sparks on listen
Looks like a beautiful place. I should visit sometime. Great image Monica.

Paul Sparks on A Pack of Sailboats
Really nice color and light. Beautiful. And Scott's right, they look like shark teeth.

Paul Sparks on Lenas
Really cool Jake. Something I would have missed.

Paul Sparks on red
You're spoiling us with these color shots Scott. Fantastic image.

Paul Sparks on Crossing
Fantastic. Love the shoes!

Bob Israel on Crossing
You could almost place this picture in the 60s!

Visions by Dean Christopher. on Crossing
excellent capture!

Scott on Crossing
That's quite the coat. I like that the crosswalk lines are found again in the heel of her shoe and that the ...

Scott on red
Thank you!

Twelvebit on red
I like this one. I also like the shopping cart shot from yesterday.

Veronica Rusnak on listen
I love that trail for a walk. Too short for a bike ride. Love the color here.

Scott on A Pack of Sailboats
Beautiful light and color. They almost look like a row of shark teeth. :)

Scott on Sitting and Smoking
Great expression Paul.

MaryB on harbor fireworks
Wow thats a stunning shot :)

Veronica Rusnak on Harbor
I like the fingerprint.

Scott on Harbor
Cool shot, even with the fingerprint. Looks cold.

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